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An Unlikely Pair

Nothing to see here… there will be no evidence left on the demise of these nachos.
Nothing to see here… there will be no evidence left on the demise of these nachos.

Lucky Pig is standing at the kitchen counter, a tray full of almost-fully built nachos in front of him, when Dizzy and Fred enter, dressed as Veyelet Kerry, Dowager Need-To-Countess of Masham from Topdownton Abbey, and Supervisory Special Agent Savoy Sheepthrow WIPs from NPIS (Nefarious Patterning Investigative Service) respectively.

Lucky Pig, "Wow! You two look great!"

Fred, "Rule 9,237: Swatches lie."

Dizzy, “All knitting is a series of mistakes which we must try to fix, first this one, then the other one, then that one over there, until at last, we frog.”

Lucky Pig looks askance as he slides his nacho tray into the oven, "…I suppose. Well, the only thing left to do is to decide which show to watch first!"

Narrator, "Something tells me that making 7 different kinds of nachos was the easy part of this party. Dibs on the first bite of those nachos! I love feta cheese."

Everyone pausing mid-mouthful and looking dramatically around the room, "Where IS that voice coming from and who IS that guy!?" 

For your bellies: Sheet Pan Greek Nachos from Damn Delicious
Find the full recipe here.

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I Believe.. In Nachos

They're in here... somewhere… Oh! They're in the oven!
They're in here... somewhere… Oh! They're in the oven!

While everyone is enjoying the nachos, and chatting away, eager to get the show started, the doorbell rings one last time. This time, Dizzy actually notices and hurries to the door to reveal Pirate Puppy wearing an FBI badge, carrying a stuffed alien, and Lucky Pig with a dramatic scar painted across his snout, and a beard on his chinny-chin-chin.

Dizzy, "Why, it’s Agent Flocks Pullover and Shearion Lambister!"

Fred, "Alright, that’s it. Dizzy and I can’t be the only ones not dressed up."

Fred storms off upstairs to find himself a costume, while Dizzy shows Pirate Puppy into the living room.

Lucky Pig, "Dizzy, I brought all the ingredients for my nachos, but I still need to build them."

Dizzy through a mouthful of Pirate Puppy’s nachos, "Nhoprblmm! Hehntothekchn n eyllbthrinascn tohep"

Narrator translating for those of you who might not understand Mouth-full-of-nacho-guese, “No problem! Head on into the kitchen, and I’ll be there in a second to help.”

For your bellies: Irish Breakfast Nachos by Spoon Fork Bacon
Find the full recipe here.

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Yarn Fairies?

Nachos!  We're making Nachos tonight, right?
Nachos! We're making Nachos tonight, right?

The doorbell rings.

The doorbell rings again.

Narrator, "Is everyone so excited and gabby that you can’t actually hear the doorbell? I know you are all excited to get going, but you can’t actually start watching anything until all of your guests have arrived! DIZZY! FREEEEEEEED! HELLOOOOOOOO?"

No one responds.

Narrator: "Well this is just silly. I’m the narrator of this story, and what I say goes. Door, if you would be so kind."

The door unlocks and swings open, as if by magic.

Narrator: "Why, it’s Bizzy, clad in a pork pie hat, glasses, and a fake goatee. She clearly is dressed as Woolter White, from Blocking Plaid, and has brought a dish of nachos to share. As no one is there to greet her at the door, she slips into the living room, unnoticed.

Bizzy, "Hello, everyone!"

Everyone,: "Hi, Bizzy! When did you get here?"

Bizzy walking to the coffee table, "Just now. Didn’t one of you open the door?"

Dizzy, "No. Must be the yarn fairies at it again!"

Never Seen Narrator makes an exaggerated invisible eye roll muttering to his invisible self: "I’m athe narrator, not the pixies that insist on hiding skeins of yarn so they can't be shipped!"

For your bellies: Sharing Nachos from Now Cook It
Find the full recipe here.

For your needles: Hot Toddy Tunic by Ruth Gallo (available on Ravelry here as a free pattern). Perfect for this deal's special offering of Plymouth Estilo. On sale til 8:00am ET!

Friends In Costume

Mama told me I should come… this is the way to have fun!
Mama told me I should come… this is the way to have fun!

Dizzy is ushering Marshmallow into the living room when the doorbell rings again. With his nacho cheese finished, but keeping warm on the stove, Fred hurries to the door to answer it. Opening the door, he jumps back, startled.

Fred, "Hello?"

Nameless Alpaca is standing on the porch wearing a blonde, curly wig, and a pale pink satin bathrobe.

Fred shouting to Dizzy, "Did I miss the memo about this being a costume party?"

Dizzy from the other room, "No, not really, but it seems to be turning into one!"

Fred, "Come in, Mrs. Rows Ryeland from Golden Glows. All goodies are going in on the coffee table, where we can munch on them while we binge-watch some television."

Nameless follows him into the living room. After placing the dish on the coffee table, he uncovers it, unleashing a mouth-watering cinnamon smell into the room.

Nameless Alpaca, "I was craving something sweet, and my Mama Llama told me never to come to a party empty-hoofed, so I made some dessert nachos!"

Fred drooling a bit, "They smell just like my Grandma Frederina’s apple pie!"

For your bellies: Easy Baked Apple Pie Nachos from Tip Buzz
Find the full recipe here.

For your needles: may we recommend the delicious Apple Pie Hat by Tin Can Knits (pattern available on Ravelry here for $5.00). Just 2 skeins of this hour's special deal, Berroco Bento, will do it. On sale today 'til Midnight ET!

Dr. Ewe Arrives

Does a sonic screwdriver work on knitting?
Does a sonic screwdriver work on knitting?

The doorbell rings
Fred, "Dizzy, get the door please. My movie theater masterpiece is just about finished, and I can’t risk it burning."

Dizzy already three quarters of the way to the door, "I’m on it, Fred!"

Dizzy opens the door to reveal Marshmallow, dressed in a fedora and a long, colorful striped scarf.

Dizzy, "Hello Marshmallow! Or should I say, Doctor?"

Marshmallow, "Sorry, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to test out my Halloween costume. I was just too excited about it, and seeing as you can watch Doctor Ewe on KnitFlix, it’s perfectly on theme."

Dizzy, "That it is!"

Dizzy notices that the Marshmallow is carrying a dish covered in tin foil.

Dizzy, "What have you got there?"

Marshmallow, "I know you likely have the food thing covered, being the best host around, but I found a really awesome recipe for Buffalo Chicken nachos online. I just happened to have all the ingredients, so I thought I’d make a batch and bring them over."

Dizzy, "Well, they smell delicious, and variety is the spice of life!"

Narrator as a voice in Dizzy's fuzzy little head, "Remember to take it slow with those Buffalo Chicken Nachos, Dizzy. Remember the last time? You got a bellyache from eating them so fast and were so bleu because you couldn’t eat anymore."

For your bellies: Buffalo Chicken Nachos from Will Cook for Smiles
Find the full recipe here.

For your needles: Ring of Fire by Nancy Marchant (pattern info on Ravelry here,  published in Knitting Fresh Brioche: Creating Two-Color Twists & Turns available through Amazon) in Berroco's hot new yarn Quechua. Just 4 skeins will do it and it is on sale today 'til 11:00pm ET!

Toppings? Who needs toppings?

A nacho by any other recipe would still get eaten.
A nacho by any other recipe would still get eaten.

Fred, "What’s all this?"

Dizzy, "What?"

Fred, "All this stuff! Avocado, meat, cheese, sauce that isn’t velvety, cheesy goodness?!?"

Dizzy, "Fred, nachos have toppings. These are the toppings."

Fred,"What? No they don’t. It’s chips and cheese."

Dizzy getting a bit exasperated, "Fred, as the official party planner, and the one doing all the cooking, I made an executive decision to make more traditional nachos, with all the toppings."

Fred, "But I want the classic movie theater experience. How do you expect me to enjoy KnitFlix without my Movie Theater Nachos?"

Dizzy, "Fred, it’s almost time for the party to start. Everyone is going to be expecting these nachos. If you want the movie theater nachos, you make them. You can never have too many nachos, and we’re going to need to make more anyway." Dizzy continues under his breath, "But I guarantee you’re going to be the only one eating your skimpy-on-the-toppings, heavy-on-the-attitude naked nachos, you stony sourpuss."
Fred, "What was that?"

Dizzy brightly, "Nothing!"

Determined to have his “classic movie theater experience,” but ever conscious of the time, Fred breaks out the ingredients for a super quick nacho cheese sauce, actually quite hoping that he might be the only one eating it.

For your bellies: Homemade Nacho Cheese Sauce from Fifteen Spatulas
Find the full recipe here.

For your needles: Nacho Granny’s Scarf by Michelle B. (pattern available on Ravelry here for $1.99) in Berroco Ultra Wool, on sale today 'til 10:00pm ET!

Knitting, Nachos, and Knitflix. Oh My!

A pinch of yummy this, a drop of spicy that… Oops! I hope a lot of spicy that will still be ok!
A pinch of yummy this, a drop of spicy that… Oops! I hope a lot of spicy that will still be ok!

Hello again, everyone! Your always present, yet never seen Narrator here.

Thank you for joining us for our International Nacho Day Spin-Off, where the nacho cheese is hot, but the deals are hotter! The gang’s all here, so sit back, relax, and break out your stretchy pants. You, and your knitting bag, are sure to leave here stuffed.

Our story begins with Dizzy in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.

Dizzy, "I’ve gotta get these nachos in the oven. Can’t have a Knitting and Knitflix party on International Nacho Day without nachos! Where’s my recipe? What comes next?"

For your bellies: Spicy Ground Beef Nachos from Mexican Please
Check out the full recipe here.

For your needles: may we recommend Spice Route Gloves by Mary Ann Stephens (pattern available on Ravelry here for $7.00) in Plymouth Incan Spice, on sale today 'til 9:00pm ET!

Welcome to the 2017 Nacho Typical International Nacho Day Spin-Off!

It's time for the 2017 Nacho Typical International Nacho Day Spin-Off! This is not our usual one Daily Dizzy Deal™ per day - instead a new deal will appear for a limited 60 minutes on the hour, so check back often!

What's that Fred? Yes, Fred, you're correct, no deal changes between Midnight and 8 AM ET.

Yes, Fred, I know your Gargoyles and Stone Masons Union requires that you get a daily rest period.

Gee, he gets cranky when he doesn't get enough sleep!

For more details, please see this About Nacho Spin-Off page.

The fine print: Our law firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe makes us state: takes no responsibility for possible sleep deprivation this Nacho Typical Spin-Off weekend!