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The Latest in Lushy Hats

Darling, Don't I Look Simply Fabulous??
Darling, Don't I Look Simply Fabulous??

No, Dizzy is not drunk!  I know a dizzy sheep with a pile of Classic Elite Lush on his head just screams starting the New Year's party a little too early right?  Come on... any sheep who's any sheep knows about this latest trend!  Apparently it all started with Santa Sheep being late to a meeting and now all of the coolest hipsters are wearing skeins of yarn on their heads!

I mean doesn't Dizzy look absolutely fabulous??  You'll be the hit at your New Year's party with this new style -  we guarantee you won't go unnoticed.  It's the perfect way to be the life of the party, or duck out early... whichever way you want to play it!

And to kick off this celebration of the new year in Dizzy Deal style enter LUSH10 for a discount code to receive an additional 10% off this great hat - I mean yarn.

Regardless of whether the yarn you wear on your head can be classified as a "pile" or a "hat" (and sometimes it might be hard to tell), everyone at Dizzy Sheep wishes you a happy and safe New Year's Eve!

If You Turn a Sheep Sideways...

Does its wool rotate??  I can't say - Dizzy ran away before I could try.  But the pictures sure do on my new awesome iPhone 3G I got for Christmas!

Unfortunately, not everything is blessed with an accelerometer to react when rotated.  For instance, turning Mountain Colors Mogul on its side doesn't appear to do much.  However you could order some from today's deal on an iPhone.  I mean how convenient!  Take advantage of Dizzy Deals wherever you are...

Of course this iPhone is strictly for uhh, business...  monitoring Dizzy Sheep and such.  I mean have you seen how it manages your music library when you turn it sideways??

Oooo.  I don't recommend holding an iPhone in one hand and an object that reacts poorly to rotation, such as a cup of ginger tea in the other...

Classic Nerd

Sneaking through the Enchanted Yarn Forest, I discover a chest of uber loot...
Sneaking through the Enchanted Yarn Forest, I discover a chest of uber loot...

Finally!!  I made it to Level 150!  Nothing can stop me now - especially with my +2 Elite Firey US 8 Needles and my Uber Orange Llama Silk Scarf of Protection!

What on earth are you talking about Dizzy?

World of Woolcraft!  Duhhh!

World of... what??

Omg!  You're such a noob!  It's this totally awesome game... you play online with other people and craft things to aid you in an epic battle between the two factions - those who use synthetic fibers and those who use natural!

Wait - you craft things...  in the game?

Umm, yeah??  You need uber gear and elite weapons to make your character totally awesome.  You should try it!

No thanks!  I'm already confused.  I think I'll stick to my "real world" crafting...

Ooo, what is this pile of fuzzy loot you have there?

Dizzy, get out of my Classic Elite classic one fifty!  I just organized it!

Elite??  You have uber loot?!  It's mine I neeeed it! 

Stop!  Mom!!! 

Aura of Wool

Hmm, I don't know.  I've never done this before.  Maybe tell me about my future?

Ahhhh yes, the Great Merlino Woolio knows all about the future... Teeelll meee Dizzy Sheep, what is it you wish to knoowww about your future...

Will I be rich?

Lets us seeeee...  ammm ommm mmm bbaaAAaaa!  You will be a greeeaaat sales-sheep, trading your goods across the laaannnnddd!

Uh huh.  That's it?  I mean, how does it turn out?

emmmm baaaAAAaaa wooooo!  Life is precious, theerrrforeeee you are alreeeaaadyyy wealthyyyy?

Oh boy -

Wait!  I can seeeee your auraaaa!!  Yes!  It's... woooooly!  And... red?

Wooly?  You don't say.  I'm a sheep.  Alright, will you stop talking like that please?

Err, umm -ahem- sure.

Can even you tell me what tomorrow's deal is? 

Of course!  I am the Great Merlino Woolio!  It will be... fuzzy, umm, I see colors...  maybe some kind of... fiber.

Wow.  Nice.  Couldn't have guessed that one.  Nope, that never describes what's on the Daily Dizzy Deal.  Thanks Captain Obvious, I mean Great Merlino.

Heh, yeah umm... Hey!  So what IS tomorrow's deal Dizzy?  I love your site!  Is it something good?? 

I want my $10 back!

Absent Story #4

Today's story is missing!  It's not in class.  No hands were raised when its name was called...

Ok, it's not really missing... else there'd probably be some funny error message on the page.  But in fact, it's home sick today.  No, Dizzy and I aren't trying to get out of today's test, and I swear we have our homework done.  We're just feeling a little under the weather.

*cough cough*

Whoa, don't look like you have to run away to wash your hands and hose down your browser with anti-bacterial spray!  Relax, you aren't going to get our cold... if you're getting funny pop-up advertisements, that's viral so don't blame us. 


Ooo.  Yuck.  Ok, we'll just toss that skein of Reynold Rapture...  I mean wool is naturally anti-bacterial, but yeah...  Alright, we're going to go make some tea, watch movies about the Great Knittorium and eat ice cream!  I'm sure Dizzy and I will feel better tomorrow and we'll be sure to bring in a note from momsy...

(Dizzy and myself are actually nowhere near the Reynolds Rapture so it is safe from our germs.)

Rumble del Holidays

Whew!  Christmas is over!!  But don't get too comfy in that new alpaca hat and put up your "happy socked" feet just yet - there's no reason to stop celebrating! 

Maybe you already managed to use up your yarn stockpile in a Christmas knitting marathon...  maybe you didn't get what you wanted from the other Santa... or maybe you don't even celebrate Christmas!  That's great!  Today is the fifth day of Hanukkah, Boxing Day and Kwanzaa.  Oh and if you haven't heard, toss on one more: "Black Friday part II - The Return of the Three Hour Mall Traffic Jam" since apparently we didn't appease the commercial giants enough this shopping season.

Regardless of what holidays you enjoy, our contribution to this time of happiness and joy today is a little Manos del Uruguay, because every day is a celebration at Dizzy Sheep!

The Life Aquarella

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Hello!!  Merry Christmas!  We're so glad you stopped by - we weren't sure anyone would make it today...

I mean first off, if it's just after midnight... you better get to bed!  Santa Sheep isn't about to load up your tree with goodies if you're awake on the computer!

Second, we hope your day is filled with opening presents and fun plans!  Of course, you're always welcome to spend a little of your Christmas with the Dizzy Sheep family.  Dizzy is lounging on top of a pile of Malabrigo Aquarella if you need a yarn fix, and our gift to you is 10% off your order today!

Discount Code: Christmas10

We hope you have a wonderful day!

'Twas the Night Before...

Sweet, he left the cookies!
Sweet, he left the cookies!

... Christmas, and all through the yarn shop,

Not a knitter was stirring, they all had to stop.


They had knit themselves tired during the day,

While eating good food and watching the children play.

And even ol'Dizzy Sheep, all clumsy and cute,

Was dreaming of great deals and snoring to boot.


But the silence broke suddenly with a slight crash,

And Dizzy awoke and was up in a flash!

Peering out between some piles of yarn,

Dizzy saw a sheep dressed up as red as a barn!


It was Santa Sheep, who was off with a baaa and a smile,

But not before leaving tomorrow's deal in a pile.

And Dizzy was happy as Santa flew off in the night,

Giving thanks to all of you who enjoy our site!

A Cute Not So Fuzzy...

Baaaoink! Baaaoink?
Baaaoink! Baaaoink?

Pig?  Ok - I know you aren't part of today's fiber...  I've seen a lot of strange wools and blends, but pig wool?  That's just... weird. 

Aww you must be cold with this particularly frosty front coming through and lack of fuzzy fiber!  Poor little guy - We need to make you a little sweater out of some soft, warm Classic Elite Inca Alpaca!  Hmm, maybe we could make you a little sheep suit!  We'll get right on finding a pattern...

In the mean time, for us people folk, we recommend checking out the pattern link in the product details!

Deja Wool!

A Dizzy Sheep Winter Weather Advisory is still in Effect!
A Dizzy Sheep Winter Weather Advisory is still in Effect!

No.  You've never seen this yarn before on Dizzy Sheep.  It's just the cold weather numbing your memory!  What?  The Blaaag?  You want to know if we made it into our kitchen by dinner time?  Hmmm...  We'll have someone look into that... 

But HEY!  Look over there!  It's a pile of Adrienne Vittadini Nadia!!  That's way better than a pile of snow!  And unlike frozen water, this alpaca wool blend is soft, warm, rich in color and best used with needles, not a shovel.

We hope everyone continues to stay warm during the ongoing snow-a-thon!  And to those who live on the very tip of Florida where somehow it's still in the 70's... do you have a guest barn??