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The Latest in Lushy Hats

Darling, Don't I Look Simply Fabulous??
Darling, Don't I Look Simply Fabulous??

No, I have not had too much clover nog!  I know a dizzy sheep with a pile of yarn on his head just screams 'starting the New Year's party a little too early', right?  Come on... any sheep who's any sheep knows about this latest trend!  Apparently it all started with Santa Sheep being late to a meeting and now all of the coolest hipsters are wearing skeins of yarn on their heads!

I mean, don't I look absolutely fabulous??  You'll be the hit at any party with this new style -  we guarantee you won't go unnoticed.  It's the perfect way to be the life of the party, or duck out early... whichever way you want to play it!

Regardless of whether the yarn you wear on your head can be classified as a "pile" or a "hat" (and sometimes it might be hard to tell), everyone at Dizzy Sheep wishes you a happy and safe New Year!


I am ready to bring in the New Year with style!
I am ready to bring in the New Year with style!

New Year's resolutions are important. It's always good to set goals and make sure you're heading in the right direction... or any direction at least.

That's why I took the liberty of making some resolutions for my coworkers! I want to help them better themselves and grow to their fullest potential.

Let's see, first of all I think Bizzy should supplement knitting with a new hobby. Let's face it, at this point I'm pretty sure if you put needles and yarn in her hands while she was asleep, you'd have a new sweater in the morning.

Fred should definitely work on bringing a larger variety of lunches to work this year. I'm getting pretty bored of stealing his yogurt granola crunch.

And Nameless Alpaca? Nameless needs to work on getting shorter. He's so tall it's hard to fit him in focus with the camera.

As for me, I tried to come up with something, but the only thing that came to me was eat more delicious clovers and sell more yarn. I am happy to work on both of those!

Have a fun and happy New Year's Eve!

The Knit Protection Racket – Continued?

Anybody remember about us?
Anybody remember about us?

Crowd of normal people on the street (shouting, very excited): “Hey, over there, look! It’s a knitter!  It’s a crocheter!  It’s Superknit!”

Superknit!  Defender of the gauge!  Champion of the swatch!

Superknit, who came to Earth from a distant planet of advanced knitters...

Superknit, resolved to dedicate his life to making the world a happier place, one knitter at time…

Superknit, who mingles with ordinary knitters as Fred Gargoyle, meek associate of The Village Yarn & Fiber Shop…

Marshmallow Rabbit (interrupting, frustrated and a little perturbed): “Yeah, Yeah…  everybody knows the introduction, but Bizzy and I have been left stranded in this burning forest for nearly three weeks!”

Bizzy: “Are we ever going to get rescued?”

Marshmallow: “Hello… anyone remember about us?”

Bizzy: “Wait, I’m getting a text message from Dizzy…  What!”

Marshmallow: “Let me see it… ‘See you next year.  Heart Dizzy’  What!”

Bizzy: “Looks like we’ll have to wait a few more days.  Glad I brought along enough knitting.”

My Hero!

You must knit the socks!
You must knit the socks!

Villain (with mustache, in a deep, dark voice): You must knit the socks!

Damsel in distress (with bow in her hair, in a tremulous voice): But I can't knit the socks!

Villain: You must knit the socks!

Damsel: But I can't knit the socks!

Hero (wearing bow tie, in a strong, definite voice): I'll knit the socks!

Damsel: My hero!

Villain: Curses! Foiled again!

An encore presentation from 2011.

Yesterday's Haiku

Deal of yesterday,

Like the wind you can't be bought,

You smile from the blaaag...

[This is your nameless, never seen narrator.  Dizzy is still recovering from his holiday cookie overdose, so I got to pick today's story.  And since we have just started our seventh year of making the world a happier place, one knitter at time, I decided to do an encore presentation of the first ever story. The above is from November 30, 2008.  And so it started...]

Cookie Overdose

Mmm cookies...
Mmm cookies...

Ok, maybe... and I do stress the word "maybe"... I've had enough holiday cookies over the past few days.

I don't want to jump to any conclusions or point any fingers or anything. I mean in addition to eating a lot of cookies, I have been breathing a lot too, so it could be just as likely the cause. But I am feeling a little strange with bursts of bouncy energy then a bit of a drooling stupor.

I suppose there's no need to be concerned though, I'm bound to run out of cookies eventually. Oh, holidays, why are you so deliciously bad for me...

All Wrapped Up!

I may look festive, but this is the official Santa Sheep Order Fulfillment uniform...
I may look festive, but this is the official Santa Sheep Order Fulfillment uniform...

Hello there! I hope you've had and continue to have lovely holidays with delicious food, good times and plenty of fuzzy yarn!

I'd say things have calmed down and are back to normal around here after the grand twelve days event, but let's be honest - the yarn storage room looks like a couple of football teams were thrown in for a few plays, then an earthquake hit to knock any remaining shelves over.

Hmmm... Perhaps that is normal...

Happy Holidays!

Where you a good little knitter this year?

Did Santa Sheep visit you and leave you woolly presents?  Or did he just eat all your cookies?

Happy Holidays!


Twas the night before Christmas, and all were asleep,
Not a creature was stirring, not even Dizzy Sheep.

With a new store and Twelve Days, the week had been busy,
Such festive deals take effort, even for Dizzy.

So with a Baa’aa and a sigh, he snuggled up by the fire,
To ponder the next deal, promotion and super savings flier.

Before long he was snoring and dreaming of yarn,
Stacks of soft fuzziness piled high in his barn.

But then a noise from the roof woke him up from his dream,
Why, it must be Santa Claus, or so it would seem!

Stricken with a panic for he knew it was wrong,
Dizzy had been hungry and now the milk and cookies were gone.

Not a snack was in sight to give jolly Saint Nick,
And in return for a present Dizzy would likely receive an old brick.

Though a turn of events it was someone else making the clamor,
It was just Fred on the roof with his candy cane and hammer.

With a sigh of relief Dizzy returned to relaxing,
Whatever that crazy gargoyle was up to, it wasn’t worth asking.

All cozy and comfortable, soon Dizzy’s eyes began to close,
His mind returning to yarn as he started to doze.

He then thought of his fans who he holds so highly and dear,
And how he hopes they're all well and full of happiness and cheer.

With a smile he managed to mumble in the warm glow of the firelight,
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!

On the Twelfth Day of Dizzy

We hope you enjoyed our holiday event!
We hope you enjoyed our holiday event!

On the twelfth day of Dizzy, the dear Sheep offered me…

Something soft and cozy,

Yarn as soft as kitties,

Shimmer bits a-glinting,

Fine tweed a-flecking,

Keen objects pointing,

Something soft and flowing,

Many colors stunning,


Wee bits of lace,

Soft single plies,

Something with al-pac-a,

And a great yarn for socks for my feeeeeet!

We hope you enjoyed our holiday savings event! Happy holidays and wooly kisses from everyone at Dizzy Sheep!

And be sure to stop back Tuesday for a new sale item at 9, 10, 11 AM, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 PM Eastern.

Yes! We finish with 12 sale items on Tuesday!