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Dizzy Rezzolution

Ahhh...  A fresh new year!
Ahhh... A fresh new year!

[News Year Day - a time for reflection and a look to the future.  Here's a flash back to our first ever New Year Day story...]

3... 2... 1... (insert leap second)...  Happy New Year!!

Hooray!  It's 2009!  A new year!  A fresh start!  And of course - a new deal.  Our goals for this year include a variety of fun additions to the Daily Dizzy Deal, which unfortunately we can't tell you about until they've been cleared by the Management Sheep.  I can tell you 2009 will be an exciting year full of great Dizzy Deals and adventures though!

In case you're having trouble coming up with New Year's Resolutions, we have some suggestions:

  1. Continue to check out Dizzy Sheep every day
  2. Tell everyone you know about Dizzy Sheep
  3. Turn your purchases from Dizzy Sheep into wonderful creations
  4. Breathe

Good tip on #4 huh?  Yeah that's not a hard one to remember to do...  I mean really breathe though.   A few nice, slow, deep breaths can really improve your relaxation and overall good feeling.  Try it some time!