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On the Eighth Day of Dizzy...

Feel free to leave milk and cookies out for me.
Feel free to leave milk and cookies out for me.

On the eighth day of Dizzy, Dizzy’s deals to me…

Sharp and pointy objects,

Squishy sheepy fleecies,

Many stunning colors,


Chunky bulky yarns,

Soft single plies,

Something al-pac-a,

And a great yarn for socks for my feet!

You were probably expecting a cow. I was totally going to make Alpaca do it. I had a funny little maid outfit and everything. But then I thought it would be weird.

Plus there was the whole fiasco with the birds and I asked myself, do we really want an angry cow running around? The answer of course was “yes, definitely”, but then I was pretty sure Alpaca would have had some kind of meltdown, milk would have been spilt, and possibly some tears. Definitely not festive.

Besides, this is much more delicious. Dizzy dunking eight cookies! Yum. Make that seven cookies.