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Downtownknitville Dizzy

Groundsheep sees his shadow!
Groundsheep sees his shadow!

Anderson Cotswold - Spin 360 here reporting on February 2nd's major news story.  The groundsheep predicts sixty more weeks of knitting! 

It's true!  Downtownknitville Dizzy did emerge from his underground burrow on schedule. Unfortunately his shadow apparently gave him such a start that he screamed and ran away.

I was never able to conduct our planned interview.  However, I did speak to some locals and found that this happens every year.

The best I can say to all you knitters, keep those stitches honest!

Now back to the studio...

So why in the world did the producer send me to this hole in the ground to cover this lame story about some sheep popping up and making knitting predictions?  It's almost as bad as that groundhog predicitng winter... 

What? You say we’re still on the air?