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Cyber Monday Sale

No more Black Fridays!
No more Black Fridays!

So a friend coerced me into going shopping during the wee hours of Black Friday.  Or was it Thursday night?  I have no idea!

Never again! Not this Dizzy Sheep!

What I experienced, no sheep, dizzy or not, should experience.  It will take a while for me to regain what equilibrium I had!

And I hope that “minor” incident over the wide screen TV didn’t make the evening news...

Perhaps you also took to the stores last Friday, but now it's Monday and you’re at home (or possibly at a very relaxed work place with casual Mondays) in your lazy bathrobe, sitting in your comfy chair, sipping a nice soothing beverage, and tranquilly surfing this site for great deals!

That’s right!  Cyber Monday where the most shopping effort required is pushing a mouse button!  Even less work if you have a touch screen!