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A Merry Winter Yarn Advisory is in Effect!

The Twelve Days of Dizzy!
The Twelve Days of Dizzy!

Our 11th Annual Twelve Days of Dizzy!

We've been having this event since 2007.  Eleven years - that's like 58 sheep years!  

We hope you enjoy the festivities!

What happens during the Twelve Days of Dizzy?

For Twelve Days there will be amazing themed deals, starting with one wonderful deal on Day One, two new twinkling deals on Day Two and so on up to a blizzard of twelve tantalizing deals on Day Twelve!

There will be so many deals that it might be hard to squish that many goodies into a standard size stocking!

There will be deals with themes like "Soft Single Plies", "Tweeds & Marls Exciting" and much more, so follow along with our "Twelve Days of Dizzy" story starting December 11th right here in my Blaaag!

And of course I am doing Free Shipping!  That's right - U.S. shipping is still FREE!

Don't get caught unprepared!

Make sure you have that last minute project handy and are keeping an eye on  We'll be posting hints on the home page showing when the deals will be changing starting Tuesday, December 11th at 8 PM Eastern Time!  Indeed the main themed deal does start at 8 PM the proceeding day.  Why?  I'd like to believe that we don't want our East coast friends to have to stay up late, but perhaps it's becuase I'm a dizzy sheep!

Deck the Halls with Bags of Yarny!
Fuzzy fuzzy fuzz, fuzz, fuzz, fuzz, fuzz!