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On the Second Day of Dizzy...

I am not a statue to perch on!
I am not a statue to perch on!

On the Second Day of Dizzy
Santa Sheep offered me...

Some thing al-pac-a!
And a great yarn for socks for my feet!

More birds. Cute. I do hope whoever decided on this very literal interpretation realizes just how many feathered friends this song calls for. Last I checked, we weren’t running an aviary. At least I managed to decorate the tree before it, and myself, became bird perches.

That silly alpaca was supposed to take care of the tree, you know, before the event started. Instead I found him too afraid to touch the thing because the tag on it says “Douglass Fir”. Why that makes any sense is beyond me, but Alpaca wouldn’t stop muttering about how trees are not supposed to be fuzzy. Sometimes I worry about the stability of that one. I have yet to meet a tree that’s any fuzzier than I am, and “fir” isn't even the right word if you’re talking about fuzz!