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On the Seventh Day of Dizzy...

These are definitely swans, you're just confused.
These are definitely swans, you're just confused.

On the seventh day of Dizzy, Dizzy’s deals to me…

Squishy sheepy fleecies,

Many stunning colors,


Chunky bulky yarns,

Soft single plies,

Something al-pac-a,

And a great yarn for socks for my feet!

Just look at these swans. Aren’t they majestic? So graceful, so… floaty.

No! These are swans! I don’t know why you think they’re ducks in a bucket. Perhaps your eyes are tired. I would never attempt to pass rubber ducks off as swans. How absurd!

Fine. I see that flat out denial of reality isn’t going to work. Yes, the birds were a lot to handle, but I was actually excited for the swans! I was going to get my trusty heavy duty construction vehicles in here to dig a swan pool. Sure, it would have been giant, messy and I don’t even want to think about the water bill to fill it, but you can’t expect swans to swim in anything less than a giant serene swan pool.

Alas, my love for heavy construction wasn’t shared by all. So here I am, Fred, the festive lifeguard elf, making sure these rubber ducks obey all of the official bucket swimming rules. I don't even want to think about what's supposed to happen with maids and milking.