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On the Sixth Day of Dizzy...

I assure you that no feathered friends were harmed in any way.
I assure you that no feathered friends were harmed in any way.

On the sixth day of Dizzy, Dizzy’s deals to me…

Many stunning colors,


Chunky bulky yarns,

Soft single plies,

Something al-pac-a,

And a great yarn for socks for my feet!

Baa’aa! I had no idea geese could be such a handful. I’ve been told that geese make for an excellent security system because they have good senses, are quick to become alerted when something is amiss and aren’t afraid to make noise about it. I can also tell you from personal experience that they are quite intimidating when they gang up and start chasing you around!

Forget high tech alarm systems, everyone should get themselves a gaggle of security geese. That would definitely keep me in line. Oh and they could wear cute little security jackets and hats, that would be so cool!

I'm glad everything is calm again. The geese are laying down somewhere comfortable, the birds are happyily chirping in someone else’s tree, and most important, the presents are safe. Though we are getting into the second half of the Twelve Days of Dizzy, and I can't guarantee things won't get out of hand again. There are a lot of exciting deals coming!