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On the Third Day of Dizzy...

I'm a weather vane!
I'm a weather vane!

On the third day of Dizzy, Dizzy’s deals to me…

Soft single plies,

Something al-pac-a,

And a great yarn for socks for my feet!

Ooo chickens! Oh wait, I was told not to call them that. These are faverolles, or French chickens. They’re a bit fancier in appearance, often featured in exhibitions and have five toes per foot, rather than the usual four. Apparently that makes them a little sensitive and puts them in a fowl mood if you lump them together with the “common chicken”.

Yes, that was baa’Aad, even for me. I’m such a cluck!

Now I’m no expert, but I doubt they’re paying attention to the baa’ing and awful puns of a sheep wearing a Santa hat. They’re probably way more curious about what’s in those shiny presents over there like I am. Hmm, it would seem that they’re surrounding me. That’s interesting…