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Knitter's Pride Aqua Sock Blockers

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Knitter's Pride Aqua Sock Blockers - you've knitted the perfect socks, now block them to the perfect shape and size with Knitter's Pride Aqua Sock Blockers. Made from sturdy, yet flexible, translucent acrylic in an appealing aqua shade the Aqua Sock Blockers come in three different sizes:

  • Large (Male shoe size 8+, Female shoe size 9.5+)
  • Medium (Male shoe size 6 - 7.5, Female shoe size 7.5 - 9)
  • Small (Male shoe size 3.5 - 5.5, Female shoe size 5 - 7)

These make a wonderful gift for the sock knitter on your list as well as to the lucky recipient of your handmade socks!


Sorry, we're currently out of stock in this Option. Please contact us if you'd like to special order it, or see below for other Options you might enjoy.

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Quantity Style Color Size Material Price
Large Aqua M 8+, F9.5+ Translucent Acrylic
Medium Aqua M 6-7.5, F 7.5-9 Translucent Acrylic
Small Aqua M 3.5-5.5, F5-7 Translucent Acrylic
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