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Berroco #339 Cirrus, Flicker & Elements


A collection of 8 statement-making accessories in Berroco Cirrus, Flicker & Elements - all soft cozy yarns, proving that comfort and fashion can easily go hand-in-hand.

Projects and Info


Potrillo - a stunning surprisingly easy and quick to make hat constructed from a long stockinette tube of Berroco Cirrus drawn up with I-cords.

Cloudywing - each of the layers of this unusual triangular shawl is worked separately in Berroco Elements and Cirrus then joined along the edges making it completely reversible.

Aguna - inventive and amazingly simple, this distinctive scarf is made in Berroco Cirrus from a long stockinette tube, then gathered with a knitted drawstring.

Piruna - a dazzling feather-and-fan stitch scarf featuring rippled stripes of three different yarn textures done in Berroco Marmot, Cirrus and Borealis.

Hesperia - classic stockinette stitch mittens with ribbed cuffs and whimsical decorative pompoms worked in Berroco Elements.

Zilpa - an easy asymmetrical poncho worked in a wide rib stitch in Berroco Elements.

Persius - a pretty textural stitch pattern enhances these long partial thumb gauntlets worked in the round with Berroco Flicker.

Tanna - a cozy oversized cowl featuring a ribbed hem and gorrgeously dimensional twisted cable pattern.

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